O Captain, my Captain

Jeremy Corbyn is a sigh from a frustrated and angry people, a sigh that will probably be lost in the vastness and roughness of the eternal sea that is political life. It is also an indicator of a basic decency and goodness that belies the contrived politics of a punditry that tries to explain or bully.

Our politics has become a game with players and commentators who work off each other in an egotistical way which pays homage to the mighty “meedja” Look at our latest new leader Arlene Foster promising Stephen Nolan an interview at the end of January and being reminded that he will bully her if she reneges. Never mind the Ulster fry you weedled Arlene just say NO. Say you have more important things to be concerned about, which you do.

Professionalism, intelligence and vision are the qualities that a good leader should have and they should be well above the petty terrors of the media.The only opinion that counts is the one expressed in the little wooden cubicle with the paper and the heavy, dark leaden pencil. Heavy and dark being the operative words.

I like Jeremy Corbyn, the people in the labour party have chosen Jeremy Corbyn. I hope he becomes Prime Minister. I hope.



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